I did this on Saturday- this is my first attempt at putting a design like this on a floor, and I think it turned out really great!! It’s in a new boutique that’s opening in Hampden in March. There’s a lot of renovation going on- more photos to come once the space is finished…

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4 Responses to WORK IN PROGRESS

  1. Ben says:

    boooo yoooowwwwww looooks awesome i like this indian type stuff hard to get but you got it dang fine better polly the shit out of that. welll be seeing you…… me an steve an this other little fellow josh have an opening going down on a friday night feb. 3rd 1111 hollins st.

    • WC says:

      Cool thanks!! Yah it needs like 10 coats of poly! What’s at 1111 Hollin’s St- is it a gallery? Just Google street viewed it, but couldn’t figure it out… see u around!

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